DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for the best DIY Halloween costume inspiration? Read along and discover the easiest and most astonishing ways to create the perfect Halloween costumes for kids!

Planning for a fun Halloween night for the whole family doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend a lot of money in costumes and decorations. Even though some costumes are becoming more and more affordable, it’s always better to make one oneself, not only because the cost will always be lower but because the result will be all worth it.

We’ve short-listed some great ideas for you to make your own Halloween costume. Ready for lots of tips and ideas for the best homemade Halloween costumes for children?

DIY Dragon costume for kids

This simple and fun costume has an added advantage: it can warm up your child! In order to turn your kid into the most magical dragon, you will need the following material: felt fabric, thread and a needle. We recommend you combine different colours, e.g. your child’s favourite colours, so the scales of the dragon can stand out in a different colour than that of the main fabric.

Cut the cloak in the size needed for your child and sew in the scales vertically all along the cloak. To make the tail, cut a long-shaped triangle as seen in the image. Finally, sew in some scales at the very end of the tale.

An even easier version of this dragon costume for kids is to use a long black jumper and sew in the scales. A winner either way!

DIY Jack Skellington costume

Who doesn’t remember Jack from Nightmare before Christmas? He’s such a classic! Kids will love dressing up as Jack Skellington and scare everyone around! All you’ll need is: a black shirt, black pants, white marker to draw the lines.

DIY Jellyfish costume

This fun jellyfish costume for kids will not go unnoticed! This is how your little one will look with some old white clothes, an umbrella and some led lights! Careful not to touch anyone!

Jellyfish costume

DIY Maleficient costume

Your little girl is bound to love this costume, Maleficient is one of the trendiest Halloween costumes out there right now! Horns are the most important detail of this costume, which can be made using dixie cups and wire. Click here to explore our DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Pinterest board and discover the exact tutorial for these horns! A black dress or black ballet skirt will do for the outfit. For the cane you can use a branch and paint it black. Dare to be Maleficient!


DIY Baby Spider Costume

This is one of the fastest DIY costumes out there. Dress your baby in black and then simply attach three pairs of men’s black socks to its back with some Velcro-ribbon ties. The socks need to be filled with cotton or yarn, making sure the heel is properly bended. Those will be the cute spider legs of your spider baby!

DIY Cookie Monster costume

We’re head over heels for tutu here at Stikets Family. If you’re just as into it as we are, you will love this Cookie Monster costume for your little one. All you will need is a blue ballet skirt, some felt fabric and a bit of sewing!

Cookie monster DIY costume

DIY Witch costume

The witch costume is always a favourite! All you’ll need is a black hat, and some black tulle fabric to add on top of a black skirt! Make sure you cut the sleeves to make it all the more scary!

Witch costume

We hope you’ve found lots of inspiration for a homemade Halloween costume for your children! We would love to see the results, so don’t hesitate to tag us on your social media posts! Happy Halloween!

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