About Stikets

Stikets Stephanie Marko
Stikets.co.uk is the result of an idea by a mother, Stephanie Marko, who was looking for a better way to “keep track" of her family's possessions. This goal became the mission for all the people who work at Stikets: to provide a practical, effective and economical means to mark clothes, books, shoes, school supplies, bags, water bottles, cameras, balls, racquets, hats, socks, laptops, iPods, memory sticks--in short anything that might get lost.

For this purpose, we have created different products for all your labelling needs:
  • Name Stickers: labels to stick on your children's pencils and books, your folders, balls, water bottles, baby bottles, UDOs (unidentified domestic objects).
  • Shoe labels: these labels are intended to prevent shoes from ending up in the lost and found box.
  • Photo labels: to completely customize your label, you can upload a picture of yourself, your children, your dog, your cat, your snake, your favourite toy, your favourite book...
  • Iron-on labels: these labels are the closest thing to tattoos for clothing, use them so everyone's knows whose socks belong to whom.
  • Bag tags : These tags can be hung from backpacks, sports bags, laptop cases, suitcases.
For us, however, it is not enough just to provide labels, at Stikets.co.uk you can design your own personal label and have fun doing it. Our label wizards allow you to decide sizes, colours, fonts, icons, and the information to be displayed on your labels in a fast, easy and interactive way.

Finally, we are committed to using only high quality products. In fact, our labels are created with the most resistant materials in order to withstand water, the heat of dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, the uv from the sun and the sweat and grime of dirty little hands having fun.
Our objective is for you
  • to have fun while selecting the best solution for your labelling needs
  • to be completely satisfied with our products
  • to allow us to become your official "label maker"
Enter the world of Stikets.co.uk
and let your imagination organize your things!
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